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C08 In Class Exercise: Self Driving Car Safety

Debate the following questions within your group and create a concensus answer for each one. Limit discussion on each question to 5 minutes. It's OK to use Internet research to dig up supporting evidence or opinions if you like. If you can't come to a concensus answer, it is OK to say "undecided" but summarize the two or three opposing opinions that you weren't able to resolve. Create one slide per question. We'll randomly select groups/slides for discussion in class.

Supplemental Material:

HW #8: Toyota Case Study

Formatting reminders:

8-1: The number of software-related vehicle recalls increased dramatically from 2012 to 2015 according to the data in the figure below. Answer the following questions:

(Figure source: accessed on 9/23/2018)

8-2: Compare the US criminal fines for the Toyota UA case and the Volkswagon emissions cheating case by answering the following questions:

8-3: The Audi 5000 (sometimes called the Audi 100) is a notorious case in which driver error due to pedal misapplication is commonly blamed for unintended acceleration. (Note that it is OK to use the Wikipedia page as a source for questions specifically about it. Part of the assignment is comparing what Wikipedia says to primary sources.) Answer the following questions:

8-4: Short responses. (1 point each; have these available for discussion in recitation)

Supplemental materials. (This material is entirely optional, and put here so you can dig deeper if you find this material particularly interesting. It will not be on the test.)

HW #9: Spaghetti Code

(As with previous homework assignments, cite your sources.)

9-1. Find a software tool or tools to compute metrics for this question and use it/them on the Project 2 student function starting code (i.e., the function you're given as a starting point before you've made any changes). If your tools don't support all the metrics indicate which ones you computed by hand. In many cases the only metric you'll have to compute by hand is the Spaghetti Factor (SF) metric. If you have trouble finding a tool it is OK to ask your friends for suggestions of what to look for, but you MUST actually run the tool yourself. Report:

9-2. Give one or two-sentence answers to the following questions. Make sure you have access to these answers in recitation in case you are called upon to discuss them.

Hint: SF (as well as MCC and SCC) are computed on a single module. In C/C++ this is a piece of code callable from another piece of code at the programmer level. A module=subroutine=procedure=function=method. It is *not* an entire .c file (unless you have only one function in that .c file). It is not a piece of a function. It is an entire function that starts with a procedure interface (e.g., foo(void)) and ends with the last closing "}" for that procedure.

Supplemental Material: