Be sure to look at the Canvas Module for this week for various hand-in mechanisms!

In Class Exercise: Security Failure Stories

Be prepared to come to the front of the room and spend 1 or 2 minutes explaining your assigned security failure story from the homework assignment.

Homework #42: Review for Exam #2

The goal of this homework is to give you time and some guidance in studying for the end of term exam. The intent is that this replicateds the mid-term study homework.

42-1: (10 points). If you had ONE thing out of the entire first half of the course that you want the professor to explain or explain again in class, what would it be? Ask a clear and concise question on a specific point if at all possible. Paste in a screen grab of the relevant slide from the web version of the lectures (or other soruce) on the slide following your answer so it is right there to talk about. We'll cover as many as possible of these in class, so make your question count!

42-2. (6 points per lecture) For each lecture in Exam #2, produce a summary of the following points. For this question, your hand-in should have one slide per lecture (even if that leaves empty space on some slides). Each slide should have both the lecture number and title (e.g., "11. Code Style/Language") at the top of the slide, and then contain the bullets listed below on the rest of the slide: