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C29 In Class Exercise: Safety Techniques

This is a group assignment that should be completed in class.

Hand in one or two slides that summarize the indicated safety standard based on the last digit of your group number

Topic assignments for this question are as below, based on the last digit of your assigned group number. If you have a strong preference not to do a particular topic such as a personal experience with a failure of this type, just let the instructor know and do either the topic before or the topic after.

C30 In Class Exercise: Safety Requirements

This is a group assignment that should be completed in class.

Consider a robotic lawn mower powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries. (In essence, a robotic floor vacuum -- except one with sharp spinning blades to cut grass outdoors.) Sketch a safety case for this using the following process.


Supplemental Material:

Homework #28: Race Conditions

(This homework skipped in Fall 2018 to reduce workload.)

28-1:(10 points total) Come up with five examples of race conditions or other concurrency problems that you have either encountered in person or are inherently present in systems you've personally used. They don't have to be computer-based systems. As an example, a 4-way stop sign intersection has a race condition if multiple vehicles arrive at the same one. (Which one goes first?). For each example give: (1) a brief description of the concurrency problem; (2) a practical way to resolve the concurrency problem, even if imperfect. For the stop sign example, look up traffic rules to find the answer if you don't already know it. Computer examples are OK, but so are non-computer examples. (Keep in mind that non-computer examples tend to be computer examples later ... like for self-driving car behavior at stop signs.)

Supplemental Material:

Homework #30: Safety Requirements

(5 points per system=50 points) Answer this question for ALL TEN example systems shown.

Formating note: Number the primary bullets as follows: 30.1a (system name/system safety requirement) 30.1b (safety envelope requirement) 30.1c (safety envelope mechanism) // next slide has 30.2a, 30.2b, 30.2c, etc. You can use multiple slides and put multiple systems on one slide, but don't split a single system's a/b/c parts across two slides. Don't forget to put your name in the slide footer or header so every slide has your name. Hand in a single slide file (powerpoint or slide-formatted acrobat)

Supplemental Materials: